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The worst night out

Sitting here, thinking about last night.

I feel like I’m about to see that light

This has got to be the worst hangover I’ve had

Now sitting here I feel so very sad

What the hell happened last night

Boy do I look like one hell of a sight

Waking up in the ambo

Wtf happened, I don’t know.

I remember getting up to go to the loo,

After that, I wish I’d knew.

My friends were there to help me too

Making sure I got home safe and sound

Now let me tell you what the police found

The horror of what I didn’t know scared me

Police ringing me helping me get the tea

Unfortunately there wasn’t much they could do

And there was nothing for me to do too

Girls get drugged all the damn time

Didn’t think it’d be part of this little life of mine

Why the hell do people do it?

Don’t say its cuz the girl was “looking fit”

It can really affect a person

And make their mental health worsen

Not knowing what happened and why

Blaming themselves and making them lie

Was it what I was wearing?

Thankfully my friends were so caring

Was it my fault it happened?

No, I never asked for it.

Having a good night out with some mates

That was all I did

I’m not some innocent little kid.

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