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One night it all happened so fast

Within minutes it was all in the past

My whole life had been turned upside down

I felt like everyday I wanted to drown

Coming home and it not being complete

And always seeing an empty seat

Oh dad

Waiting for you to come home

So that I wouldn’t feel so alone

Wanting to hear you sing a new song

But oh boy, did I wait so long

Oh mum

Listening to you downstairs at night

Making sure your pain wasn’t in plain sight

Giving us food to eat

whilst trying to keep the house oh so neat

Oh what a night it was indeed

For it all happened on the highest of speed

A night I’ll never ever forget

Something that made me so dearly upset

A night that changed every single thing

As soon as she heard that stupid house phone ring

But one thing that made me vex

Was going from one house to the next

1234 how many, I cannot count

If I were, it’d create such a mount

Choosing between the two

Oh no thank-you

That’s not an option

Nobody here is up for auction

I’d rather stay in-between

And keep myself from being seen

A holiday was never the same

Oh boy was that such shame

But now everything is okay

And that’s not something I’ve been forced to say

Now its all in the past

And thats where it’ll stay, finally at last.

Xoxo Lizzie

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