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Sneak peek at a short story with an unexpected twist.

The continuous cries of the delicate newborns filled the well-lit hallways. When one stopped, another began. The warrior women, screaming so viciously, it were as if they were being murdered.

There was one teenage girl, her name was Lisa. She was 16 years old and was going through the most traumatic, yet bitter sweet experience of her life. She was entering the doorway to motherhood. As the constant shrills of agony ceased, there appeared a beautiful, blue eyed, baby boy, shivering in the hands of the proud midwife calling for a towel. He began to bellow out. After the midwife had gently wrapped the towel around him, she took him over to his mother, so that she could meet her precious boy for the very first time. The smile of the newborn beamed so brightly into the mothers eyes, she couldn’t help but fall unconditionally in love.He squeezed her pinky finger so tightly, it turned red. Tears welled up in her big brown eyes as she knew that this may well be the last time she would hold her baby boy. She could hear her snobby parents in the hallway, trying to let themselves into the LDR room. But in that moment , she gazed into his ocean blue eyes and it was as if he was the only one in the room. Everything else faded. Nothing else mattered. Only the new life that she was now holding in her dry, blistered hands. That was the moment she realised what she had to do. That was the moment she made the biggest decision of her adolescent life

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