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The forbidden one

I cried and my tears became wet

My brain then remembered the first time we met

I smiled and thought of that song

That you always said went on for too long

I hopped into bed to wait for you to text

You won’t believe what I did next

I looked out of the window and at the moon

Hoping you’d give me a call very soon

You called once and then didn’t again

I told you I needed space from all men

You gave me the space I asked for

Which only made me want you that much more

You’re kind, sweet and gentle

You probably thought at times I was mental

You made me laugh more than anyone could

Move away with you, my friend told me I should

But I think that’s just cuz you’re a hot doc

And now I sit here and watch the clock

Writing stuff can help me a lot

I need to say thank you for giving me a shot

You meant more to me than you’ll ever know

But I can’t keep writing stuff that makes me feel low

So this is the last one I’ll write for you now

A little text here and there, that’s all I’ll allow :) xxxx

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